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 Improved Staff engagement

Enable your staff to manage and view all their important work life information.

Colleago is easy for your staff to use

Why Colleago?

Let your employees take control of their work life with Colleago. Allow them to receive and respond to shift requests instantly, share work availability in real time, and provide a more flexible and satisfying work experience.

Apple App store link to the Colleago app
Google Play Store link to the Colleago app

It's so simple for your staff to use

  • Employees simply download and log in. It can't get any easier.

  • Employees can immediately be offered shifts based on their availability, suitability, and location.​

  • Real time availability, travel distance, work history and optional timesheets and check in & out, in one simple-to-use app.

Colleago is so simple for staff to use
Staff can receive and respond to shifts instantly with Colleago

Receive and respond to shifts instantly

  • Your employees can receive shift requests in the mobile app, via push notifications and optional SMS. 

  • Shifts are RSVP'd in one simple click.​

  • Your staff has all the important shift details in their mobile app, all the time.

  • Enable your staff to engage with your agency and build brand loyalty.

Their work at their fingertips

  • Give your staff the ability to take control of their work life with intuitive and easy-to-use mobile apps.

  • Your staff can keep track of their upcoming, completed, and canceled shifts - all in one convenient location.

  • Your staff will notice the Colleago difference and appreciate the value-added service.

Staff can have their work at fingertips with Colleago
Staff can share availability using Colleago

Let your employees share their availabilty with you in real-time

  • Your employees can share their availability with you in real time in seconds.

  • No more phone calls, no more back-and-forth emails - just quick and smart communication that makes scheduling a breeze.

  • By streamlining the availability-sharing process, Colleago enables staff to make better work acceptance decisions.

Timesheets at the right time

  • Say goodbye to manual timesheets and hello to a more efficient way of tracking employee hours with Colleago.

  • Employees completes their timesheets quickly and easily at the end of their shifts using the intuitive Colleago mobile apps.

  • Eliminate manual timesheet processes and the need to log in to multiple portals.​

  • Employees can save their timesheets in draft until they are ready to submit.

  • Employees retain all their timesheets in one handy location.

Staff can fill timesheets using Colleago
Staff can manage travel radius using Colleago

Let your employees decide how far they want to travel for work

  • Say goodbye to the hassle of coordinating employee travel distances.

  • Employees can set up to 5 locations and preferred travel distances ensuring that they're mainly offered shifts that are within their desired travel radius.

Join our forward-thinking industry leaders using Colleago

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